We believe that taking care of the Earth is guaranteed to reward us with something of a great value – health, beauty and the satisfaction of doing something that matters. So far we have been working hand in hand with partners from Bulgaria, Russia, Thailand, Spain, Germany and more.

We would like to invite everyone who shares that belief to become our partner and ambassador in order for our products to reach more and more people worldwide. If you happen to be excited about our mission, if you have any questions or you just want to say ‘hi’ and share your experience, do not hesitate to drop us a line at info@naturelovefarm.com.


1. Winery Mesembria

messembria.com     Facebook

A family run winery, in the heart of the old town of Nessebar, Bulgaria.

Guests enjoy a free wine testing of a wide variety of Bulgarian wines. Every hour there is a interesting presentation about the Bulgarian traditions of wine making, the Bulgarian Rose, Lavender and Yogurt cosmetics.

Visitors take advantage of the nice grape shadow and cooling sea breeze during the hot weather.

2.  Gi’votnoto and Gallery


An unusual space in the old town of Nesebar, Bulgaria!

3. Nature Love on Vitoshka Boulevard in Sofia

You can find us on VITOSHKA Boulevard — the main commercial street in the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria!

The street is abundant in posh stores, restaurants and bars. Many high-end fashion labels have outlets in Vitosha Boulevard and neighbouring streets — Versace, Escada, Bulgari, D&G, La Perla, Max Mara, Emporio Armani.

Nature Love Lavender Oil and Lavender Products can be found in a couple of souvenir shops along the street.

3. Gerana village Ethnographic complex

orizare.com     Facebook

Experience the fascinating variety of settings and events inspired by Bulgaria’s history. Get to know national costumes from the different ethnographic regions along with everyday items from the life of our ancestors.

There is an authentic watermill, a historic house museum and workshops exhibiting Bulgarian workmanship. Unique machinery for agriculture and crafts are at display together with a colourful collection of original carts.

Guests are welcome to participate in traditional activities like making pottery, milking a goat, weaving on a loom and folk dancing.


Елена, Ксения и Сергей- нашите ексклузивни партньори в Москва и регионите, ни заразяват ежедневно със своя ентусиазъм и упоритост. Благодарение на техния труд, продуктите на Nature Love са вече достъпни за нашите руски приятели и клиенти.

Безброй презентации и маркетингови кампании, онлайн присъствие и присъствие в социалните мрежи, подписани десетки договори с хотели, аптеки, био и козметични магазини- това са само част от постиженията на нашите руски партньори. А резултата- стотици доволни клиенти, получили здравословната и натурална грижа на продуктите Nature Love.

Искате да опитате нашите продукти или да ги продавате в свой търговски обект или онлайн на територията на РФ? Свържете се с нашите партньори АНО „Русский Лес“

143005, Московская обл., г. Одинцово, ул. Вокзальная 49А; Moscow@naturelovefarm.com; +79859978222


1.  Samui Health Shop

samuihealthshop.com       Facebook

2.   Nature Shop & Vegan Café Lamai


3.  Art Café by June


4.  Sweet Sisters Café


5.  Lamai Pharmacy


1. Poise Yoga Studio & Foot Sanctuary

351 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Maine, 04240