Should we keep the Earth green and the skies – blue, the future has to go back to the past.
Our history preserves the good-for-us practices of our ancestors, the truly amazing fertility of the Bulgarian North-Eastern terra and the close to magical energy of the region.

The farm is our way of bringing back to life the past through reviving the healing usage of essential oils, while keeping our homeland as clean as our children’s hearts. We are lucky enough to have the ultimate secret for youth and health right under our feet, so we work responsibly to keep it and make sure it is passed on to the next generations.

“Nature Love” encourages people to pay attention to the whole product cycle because every step of the way matters. What we put in the soil is what we put in our bodies later on. We try to use mostly recyclable packages that won’t turn into a harmful waste at the end. We breathe easily because we don’t suffocate the Earth, while taking care of your whole family!

In a world that revolves around chemicals and profit, we take pride in making a living of cleanliness and transparency – renouncing artificiality, embracing organic life!