Our little Bulgaria is snuggled between mountains and plains, where high peaks slope into vast fields to finally dive into lakes, rivers and… the sea!

Bordering the colorful Turkey and Greece to the South, Macedonia and Serbia to the West, Romania to the North and Black Sea to the East, Bulgaria has taken the best of the Oriental, Mediterranean and Balkan culture, while having its own vibrant one. Being part of the European union for over a decade now, Bulgaria is becoming a more and more popular country for investments and entrepreneurship, all year long tourism and even moving permanently to the big cities or the charming villages. However, we still pay with Bulgarian lev around here, which is almost half the value of the euro – yet, another reason for the tourists to find the country extremely attractive. Sofia, the capital, located in the western part of the country becomes a favorite weekend or holiday destination, where shopping enthusiasts, party people, foodies and art junkies just can’t get enough of the city’s various features. Every little corner of the city center’s streets hides another surprise for those, who are eager to explore!

And if we haven’t convinced you already about the natural diversity and the amazing fertility of our lands, let us once again mention that Bulgaria exports the largest amount of lavender each year for the last 5 years. Bulgarian manufacturers also take pride in growing various herbs thanks to which more and more natural cosmetics, bath products and remedies are being produced on our territory. Among the widely spread herb fields are those with chamomile, sage, mint, pine, the famous Bulgarian rose, thyme, lemon balm, etc.

So get the next cheap flight and come to see for yourself the shapeshifting lands, the colorful streets, the food you will want to eat forever, the high quality cosmetics, the herbs and the spices you will not be able to live without once you try. Oh, and last but not least – Bulgarians do know how to welcome guests!