“Nature Love Farm” was founded by two people, who decided to really “be the change they wanted to see in the world”. Probably this is how someone who’s been with us since the very first seeds in our plantation – those in our mind, the seeds of change. We dream of a different world, a world for humans, instead of consumers. A world that prioritizes wellbeing over wealth-being. A world where children should not be fated to live in pollution and artificiality. And instead of just dreaming, we bought a small piece of fertile land, rented a few more plots and started planting herbs. We are both in our 30s, sharing common values: we both want a cleaner environment for our children to grow up in. Being a parent also changes a lot in your perspective, making you start thinking ahead of you and feeling the urge to act responsibly.


With higher economic education, until a few years ago I was part of the corporate world – I have been working in the financial markets, managing the sales of large investment golf projects. I have also been part of the team that created the first investment fund in Bulgaria. Everything was very interesting and expansive, but at the same time accompanied by a great stress, a lot of work – mostly in front of a computer – and countless hours of phone conversations. The result – nothing but a financial one. And so the decision to change came naturally after the big event for every woman – the birth of my first child. This was the moment I embraced the idea of our lavender farm – “Nature Love”.

At the moment, I spend half of my time in Thailand, where my husband lives. Each and every trip to a new destination are nurturing my passion for organic production and ecologically clean health care even more!

Apart from the Nature Love lands, you can meet me on the snowboard track, at a surf club, just swimming in the sea or in a movie theater. A night bird ever since I can remember myself. Doing yoga as a hobby and dreaming of growing old as a truly happy person.


I would describe myself as a young entrepreneur, and real estate is my greatest passion. I was a Lead Manager of national and international companies, of the first International Real Estate Franchising Company, and in 2014 I set up Consultica BG Advisors, a company specialized in selling luxury and golf properties in Bulgaria and around the world.

Before we created the “Nature Love” brand, Elena and I were connected by our mutual interests: our passion for travel, our love for everything natural, our desire to present our country as warm and welcoming to any of our clients. The image we have been creating for Bulgaria in front of each of our guests from abroad during our numerous business dinners inspired us to put all this energy and passion in creating products that represent our country the way we see it.

Apart from business, I truly appreciate loud evenings with friends, fine wine and the valuable people I am lucky enough to be surrounded with. On the outside, I seem to be restrained and balanced, but on the inside, I feel crazy and eccentric. Anyone who knows how many different activities I do at a time wonders how I haven’t gone insane yet!

Each and every seed from their plantation is hand-planted with the help of local people, which are also our most valuable source of knowledge. Every two hands of theirs are a handful of experience and wisdom. We believe that this is the key to preserving the centuries-old traditions of growing natural treasures and using them as remedies and organic cosmetics and perfumery.