“Nature Love” is a small Organic farm, situated next to the Black Sea of Bulgaria, near Cape Kaliakra. We are specialized in growing a variety of sorts of organic Lavender. On a small part of the land we also grow Chamomile.

What do you think of when you’re thinking of a farm? You probably imagine a place where living and making a living merge into a fascinating harmony. You may also get that warm feeling, remembering the time when people and nature were still one, nurturing each other’s growth and wellbeing.

Now add to that image a scenery of vast purple field, a splendid scent that fills the air, a stunning sea view  and there you are in our lavender farm! Welcome to the place where the love for home and nature is the love we put in everything we grow and produce! “Nature Love” is the place where we create a healthy future for all of us by bringing back to life the ancient traditions of growing lavender and other herbs.

Our small organic farm is just a year away from being officially certified for its BIO production. For the last four years we have been cultivating our lavender in a 100% clean, chemical-free soil. Neither pesticides, nor artificial fertilizers were used in the process of growing, weed control and plant disease control. Thus, we take pride in a real organic harvest.

So, you have reached our piece of precious land, where the closest big city is a hundred kilometres away. You have now set foot in one of the fewer and fewer places left untouched by the urban influence. The land is known for being protected by the government against construction activity and for being one of the purest and most suitable areas for growing lavender. Furthermore, thanks to the contiguity to Black Sea and the invariably appraised for its fertility Dobrudzha land, Bulgarian lavender is famous for its extra-ordinary healing and beautifying effects. This makes Bulgaria (side by side with France) the biggest lavender exporter in the world.