Come and see us, you will be amazed…

We would like to take you by the hand and lead you to one of the most breathtaking spots in Bulgaria – cape Kaliakra. Literally meaning beautiful cape, Kaliakra is a historical thesaurus, rich in legends and stories about heroism, sacrifice and free spirit. Standing on the edge of the cliffs, 70 metres above the crashing waves, you will find yourself so small, yet so free. Probably you will get the feel of the special energy that this place is charged with, making you believe in all the legends locals have to tell.

Our farm is situated in the Bulgarevo village – the closest to Kaliakra populated place. Bulgarevo has the longest coastline of all the towns and villages along the Black Sea waterfront. Nearby are built several wind energy parks with over a hundred wind generators, making Bulgaria one of the most suitable countries for investing in sustainable living and renewable energy sources.

Zooming out a little bit more, we can’t miss to mention that we are actually standing in the ancient territory of Dobrudzha – the land where Bulgaria was first founded in 681. Known for being the granary of Bulgaria, this fertile ground is where we founded our lavender plantation. A piece of land with a century-old agricultural history, a protected natural zone, a soil with such composition like nowhere else in the world, or simply – home of our farm.